Table Football Buying Guide

Table football When choosing a table football table there are a number of factors to consider, most importantly the reason for buying one.

If it for just casual playing, then any table that is affordable will do. Bear in mind that cheaper tables are not designed for long term continuous use. Therefore, they will wear down quicker, such as rods bending over time.


Football tables can come in a variety of sizes, but the regulation standard is 30 inches wide, by 56 inches long, and a height of 36 inches.

For juniors, 4 to 8 years, Monneret make good quality tables for this age group as standard adult size tables are unsuitable.

Recommended manufacturers

For those of you who want to play more seriously, then the table choices are limited to a few quality manufacturers.

These tables are officially endorsed by the ITSF and will carry a premium price tag, but as these tables are designed for tournaments and will be made to be more sturdy, so even second-hand tables should be in good condition. Garlands, for example, come with a minimum 2 years warranty, implying that the manufacturer expects them to last a while.

Other tables, though not officially endorsed by the ITSF, are suitable for competitions are Warrior Table Soccer, Fireball, Rosengart, Jupiter, and Metegol.

Top Features

When buying a table, the main features to look for are


The cabinet should thick and heavy. Heavier cabinets are less likely to be pushed around when playing. Indoor tables are made from MDF or multi-layered plywood.

Outdoor tables are also made from multi-layered plywood but are waterproofed in a similar process used for waterproofing boats.


Rods should be telescopic so that they do not harm the players opposite when extended. Look for rods made of strong steel, that is also rust proof.

Playing area

Avoid polished glass, as the smoothness will affect ball control. It’s better to go for plastic laminate or the more expensive sanded glass that is non-reflective.


Thicker legs make a more studier table, that is less likely to cause any wobbling when playing. Some tables have foldable legs for easier storage, though they could weaken and loosen when continuously folded and unfolded.